Have no fear when coming back from an injury.

Claudia Clement Broken Riders wide

Coming back from an injury can be hard. It’s very common to be hesitant and afraid of re-injury when you get back into training. However, this can be a very big problem. When you’re afraid, your body is generally more tense and you will have a hard time committing to going all out to execute a skill. This can be very dangerous and increases the risk of another injury dramatically. Clear your mind of doubt. Be confident, be grateful, have no fear.

The biggest deciding factor in how well you can come back from an injury is perspective. Have a positive attitude. Take your time, make a little plan with small goals. Be patient and keep your eyes on the long-term. Listen to your body and work hard. Determination is key.

This was my first time on my Lapierre Spicy after my surgery, 3 months felt like eternity…

Claudia Clement for Broken Riders

Being able to do what I love, this is what I call happiness.

Claudia Clement Broken Rider

My wrist is still weak, I have some stiffness and still some pain. But I know it is getting better and in a matter of time I will be stronger than ever.

I am so grateful to be back to MTB, and happy to celebrate it wearing a Broken Riders t-shirt.

Claudia Clement Broken Rider

These tees are made of 100% organic cotton, they look and feel great!

Claudia Clement Broken Rider tee

What I like the most about Broken Riders is that they are an ethically and environmentally responsible clothing company. I respect those who respect our planet!

I am a broken rider.

Mountain bike, BMX, road, or whatever. If you’ve ridden, fallen off and got back on, you’re a Broken Rider too.


by Claudia Clement