Mental Strength? Cross-Country running!

Last sunday I did my first cross-country race. Winter is here and MTB season is over, so I thought,  why not to race some XC as a form of training?

It was amazing!

The benefits of cross-country running are both mental and physical. You will be racing in an uneven terrain, working over a lot of different speeds, going up and down the hills. The mud will challenge you, you will be working on your balance all the time. With no doubts,  it is an excellent sport to develop strength. Your legs will get stronger, your core will get stronger. You will have to pump your arms to keep moving. The soft and sticky surface forces you to run with your whole body. You will have to muscle your way along.

It is physically demanding, strenuous, you will need a lot of determination to keep going.

I think this is great for developing mental strength. You will be out of breath, you will be in pain, you will be suffering and you will have to dig deeper. The little voice inside you, will be telling you to give up. It will be a battle against yourself.

This is wonderful. You will get tougher, more confident, you will develop your determination.

The feeling of achievement and the satisfaction of winning the battle against yourself is priceless.

I truly recommend it, and I am looking forward to my next race in 2 weeks.

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